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It seems like every year, I get at least one mermaid request, hahaa~
My cousin messaged me Monday to draw a mermaid for her nine year old daughter by Wednesday. I was told she was watching an anime with mermaids in it and was upset that there weren’t any in her skin colour, so this is going to be on her birthday cake!

Protip: Representation matters.

Good on you! It’s up to us to get more representation out there, and I’m glad to see you using your talents for such. Also, gorgeous mermaid art~! :D

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I hope you’re ready to be as FABULOUS at AWA as I am.

We are easily going to be the most fabulous people there. *^*

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And I owe you a book. Because finishing the Monstrumologist series is important. Maybe I can make Nashi and we can chat then!

Yes it is, as it’s been pretty engaging, and I’d like to see how it ends. If you can make Nashi, that would be great!

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I know you can do it! Best of luck! Shame I won’t be able to be there this year :( otherwise I’d get you some more cheesecake!

Noooo I was hoping to see you this year! :c I owe you a lot of messages and stuff anyway, though, so I should at least keep in touch with you more often.

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You can do it Shadi!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!! I’ll come and visit you in the artist alley! I’m really happy that you got in! YEAH! GO! GO! *cheerleader pom poms*

THAT’S WHY YOU’RE AWESOME ♥ I can’t wait to see you, too! Animazement felt like such a long time ago…QuQ

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/lays on floor, doesn’t move at all

I’d be joining you, but I’m so full of caffeine that I’m twiiiiitching

One week left.


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You're almost as beautiful as your art. Which means the more you improve your art, the hotter you'll be. ART SUCCUBUS/VAMPIRE.


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Shadi, I’ve followed you since the first incarnation of KMAS and the thing I’ve always loved about you is that you do what you wanna do. You don’t do shit to get popular. I see a lot of people do shit just to get reblogs and it shows in their work.

Holy shit, do we really go that far back? Man, KMAS felt like forever ago. But yeah; I never really was one to follow trends, because they never last, and especially these days they change so often. It’s a lot harder to get by doing your own thing, but I feel like people stick around longer because I am consistent. I’ve tried to do work for the sake of popularity and it’s such a chore and honestly not worth my time. I appreciate your reminder as to why I’m doing just fine.